A New Concert Play by Clare Norburn

Creating Carmen

Creating Carmen is more than a concert. It occupies the borders between a play and a concert, with 60/40 music to spoken word. It is a fully staged, costumed and professionally lit show for 3 musicians and two actors. The main characters are Prosper Merimée, writer of the novella on which Bizet’s Carmen was based, and Carmen herself as imagined by Merimée.

Prosper Merimée is struggling with his latest novella, when his leading character – Carmen – turns up in his study, larger than life, with a band of musicians in tow and chaos in her wake. Which one of them controls the narrative? And what happen when Carmen discovers the nasty ending Mérimée has planned for her?

A fun-filled evening of fantasy, comedy, drama and tremendous music arranged from Bizet’s Carmen and Spanish and Spanish-inspired music by Boccherini, da Falla, Garcia -Lorca, Granados, Ravel and Albeniz, all arranged by the musicians for guitars and flute /voice.
The project is a collaboration with writer Clare Norburn, who has developed a series of concert/plays which have toured to most of the UK’s leading venue and festivals, and director Nicholas Renton.

“bouts of intimacy, creativity and comedy were brilliantly matched with nearly all the best Spanish tunes I can think of… a very happy evening’s entertainment” **** – Andrew Connal, The Latest

“Clare Norburn’s thoughtful, intelligent Creating Carmen is part play, part concert and part discursive essay. And it makes for a pretty riveting evening.” – Susan Elkin, Lark Reviews

“Refreshing, original, fun” audience feedback on Creating Carmen first reading at Stroud Green Festival – June 2019

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AM records presents

CarmenCo CD

CarmenCo is out NOW! Featuring 17 tracks of gorgeous Spanish and Spanish-inspired music for guitars, flute and voice.

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Track listing:

  1. Aragonaise from Carmen (Arr. for Flute and Two Guitars)
  2. Entr’acte from Carmen (Arr. for Flute and Two Guitars)
  3. Spanish Dance no. 1 from La Vida Breve (Arr. for Guitar Duo)
  4. Habanera from Carmen (Arr. for Voice and Two Guitars)
  5. Córdoba, Op. 232, No. 4 (Arr.for Guitar Duo)
  6. Les Toreadors from Carmen (Arr. for Flute and Two Guitars)
  7. Nana de Sevilla (Arr. for Voice and Guitar)
  8. El Paño Moruno (Arr. for Voice and Guitar)
  9. Mallorca, Op 202 (Arr. for Guitar)
  10. Passacalle from Musica Notturna Delle Strade di Madrid, Op. 30 No. 6 (G. 324) [Arr. for Flute and Two Guitars]
  11. Seguidilla from Carmen (Arr. for Voice and Two Guitars)
  12. Danza Ritual del Fuego from El Amor Brujo (Arr. for Guitar Duo)
  13. Pièce en forme de Habanera (Arr. for Flute and Guitar)
  14. Les filles de Cadix (Arr. for Voice and Guitar)
  15. Recuerdos de la Alhambra
  16. Card Aria from Carmen “En vain pour Eviter…” (Arr. for Voice, Flute and Two Guitars)
  17. Fantaisie brillante sur Carmen (Arr. for Flute and Two Guitars)

Total running time: 62 minutes